Sunday, 9 December 2012

Meaning of Kali's Name

'Kal' also translates as Time and 'i' means the Cause; Kali, the Cause of Time or She Who is Beyond Time, activates Consciousness to perception, allows Consciousness to perceive. The mystery of Kali's name, which begins with the first consonant of the Sanskrit alphabet, attached to the first vowel, is deep indeed. From tantric tradition we learn that the whole material universe is but an expression of certain primordial sounds or vibrations.

These are expressed by the consonants and vowels of the Sanskrit alphabet, combined together in different ways. "Seed-syllables" (Bija Mantras), short combinations and "Spells" (Dharanis), long combinations of differing measures, are the very "fabric" from which this universe is formed. From tantric tradition we learn that the garland of heads about Kali's neck symbolize the letters or vibrations of the Sanskrit alphabet. We learn Kali's seed-syllables, names and potent Mantras, the tools by which we can transform ourselves and become one with Her.


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